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What is Confirmation? 

Confirmation is the Sacrament that completes Baptism; through it the gift of the Holy Spirit is bestowed upon us. Anyone who freely decides to live a life as God's child and asks for God's Spirit under the signs of the imposition of hands and anointing with Chrism receives the strength to witness to God's love and might in word and deed. He is now a full fledged, responsible member of the Catholic Church. YouCat 203. 

 About Southeast Catholic YOuth Confirmation Program 

We don't earn the Sacrament of Confirmation by participating in a program, the Sacrament is the result of God working in our lives. 


Confirmation candidates will have hands on classroom experience. Building off of the previous years of Formation, candidates will be able to understand how to put what they learn into action. Focusing on the action of the Holy Spirit, students will be challenged to recognize God's presence in their lives-especially when it comes to making sound moral decisions and seeking social justice. 

Confirmation candidates will participate in a retreat, church life, and prayer services. The sessions are conducted in a large group setting with further reflection and discussion in small groups. 

Ready for Confirmation? Please reach out to Rebecca for a Confirmation interview at rebecca@secatholic.org

Confirmation Forms & Calendars 

2021 Confirmation Registration will be open by the end of May. 

Director of Elementary Formation/RCIA and Adult Confirmation

Karen Bushman 


414-481-0777 X1117


Director of Youth and Young Adult Ministry

 Rebecca Scholz 


414-481-0777 X1135 


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