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Middle School Service 

As part of our Youth Ministry Religious Education program, students are taught as Catholics to serve others and to go forth and make a difference.  For their service outreach, students must research an organization (completing the worksheet) and then serve for a minimum of two (2) hours at the organization they’ve chosen.

High School Service 

Volunteers Packing Food

Performing service to others is an important part of being a follower of Christ. As part of the Southeast Catholic program for grades 9-12, students are required to perform service throughout the year. Students complete activities within the areas of family, school, and parish community.  After doing so, they write a reflection on one of their service activities and submit their service record sheet to the Religious Formation Office before the end of the program year.

What do the service events look like? 

  • Service for Family- Should be something that the child is not normally expected to do as their regular household chores. For example: assisting in painting a room, cleaning out a basement area, assisting an elderly relative in shopping and so much more. Be creative. 

  • Service for School or Local Community- Should be something outside of what is expected of them for a grade. For example: helping a teacher clean the classroom, mentoring another student, participating in a service club, coaching/assisting a sports team for younger students, park cleanup day, participate in a charity fun run. Remember it cannot be part of a graded requirement. 

  • Service for Parish Community- Can be for the parish itself or an organization connected with the parish. For example: a food pantry, trivia night, fish fry or a meal, parish picnic, parish grounds clean up, Children's Liturgy of the Word. Remember parish service events must each last a minimum of two hours. 


Click on the buttons below to print out a copy of service sheet/reflection sheet.  

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