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Safeguarding All of God's Family

The goal of the Safeguarding All of God's Family program is to protect our children and all in the church family from sexual abuse and related dangers. Students in our Religious Education and Youth Ministry classes attend a presentation each year which discusses an area of Child Protection. Topics have included: Bullying, Kelly Bear Teaches about Secret Touching, L.I.F.E. (Love Infatuation Friendship Exploitation), Lil' Iguana Teaches Kids to Be Safe, What's a Kid to Do, Virtues and many more.

All adults who volunteer with children or youth are also committed to keeping children safe by completing the Archdiocesan requirements: a background check, reading the Code of Ethical Standards and attending a Safe Environment session. Our programs are in full compliance with the USCCB Charter.

The Archdiocese offers a variety of resource materials for parents and other adults to inform them about this important topic. Go to the Archdiocesan website and click the Safeguarding section. Volunteers can register using the links under Elementary or Youth Ministry.

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