Marian Apparitions Project

Students in Grades 5 - 8 researched sites of Marian apparitions to learn more about how she looked, to whom she appeared and her message for the world.

Our Lady of Eternal Aid

Date - August 15, 1652

Place - Querrien, France

Appeared to - Jeanne Courtel, Age 12

At the appearance the Virgin healed a deaf and mute shepherdess. She asked that a new chapel be built on the site of a now destroyed one built by St. Gall in 610AD. A statue of the Virgin carved by the saint was also miraculously found in a pond. By: S.K.

Our Lady of Gietrzwald

Date - June 27 - September 16, 1877 (9 times)

Place - Gietrzwald, Poland

Appeared to - Justyna Szafrynska and Barbara Samulowska

Mary first appeared to Justyna and the next day to both girls. Mary asked that people pray the Rosary every day. Mary called herself "The Most Holy Virgin Mary Immaculately Conceived. She also blessed a spring of water for the sick. By: J.K.

Our Lady La Salette

Date - September 19, 1846

Place - La Salette - Fallavaux, France

Appeared to - Maximin Giraud and Mélanie Calvat

Mary appeared to two shepherd children. She wore a white dress with a yellow skirt and a veil with flowers. She was crying. Her message was reconciliation for the world and a warning that there must be a renewal of Faith in the Church or there would be terrible consequences. People were no longer practicing Catholicism and not attending Mass.       By: B.A.

Our Lady of Good Help

Date - Oct1 and 8, 1859

Place - Champion, Wisconsin, USA

Appeared to - Adele Brise

While walking home from church, Adele saw Mary standing between two trees. Mary was wearing white with a yellow and white sash, a crown of stars around her blond hair. Adele prayed until the vision ended. The next week, Adele saw Mary as she walked to church but her friends did not see her. On the way home, Adele asked the Lady who she was. Mary said  "I am the Queen of heaven, who prays for the conversion of sinners". Mary asked Adele to “make a general confession, pray and offer communion for the conversion of sinners and gather the children in the wild country to teach them what they needed to know for their salvation.” Adele spent the rest of her life devoted to this mission of evangelization.   By: C.A.

Our Lady of Kibeho

Date - 1981 -1989

Place - Kibeho, Rwanda

Appeared to - Alphonsine Mumureke and other children 

She gave various messages to schoolchildren. The messages showed Rwanda descending into violence and hatred, possibly foreshadowing the 1994 Rwanda genocide. According to Alphonsine, ‘I saw a beautiful woman, floating above the floor in a flowing seamless dress, with a veil that covered her hair.’  By: I.N.

Our Lady of Aparecida

Date- October 12th, 1717
Place- Guaratingueta, Brazil
Appeared to- Domingos Garcia, Filipe Pedroso, and João Alves
The three men were fishing in the Paraiba River. They had to collect fish for a banquet. That morning, they had no luck catching anything. They were gonna give up but one of the men wanted to try one more time. This try they caught something, but it wasn’t a fish. It was a piece of wood. When they pulled it out of the water, they saw that it was a statue of the Blessed Virgin Mary, with the head missing.                                                                                  By: S.S.

Our Lady of Pontmain

Date – January 17th 1871

Place – Pontmain, France

Appeared to – Eugene and Joseph Barbedette. 

During the Franco-Prussian War (1870-1871), Mary appeared to two boys dressed in a dark blue robe, sprinkled with stars, a crown on her head over a dark blue veil, and in her hands a red cross. She was surrounded by a blue and oval mandorla. Only the boys could see her, Mary said ”But pray my children. God will hear you in a short time. My Son allows himself to be moved with compassion.” The town gathered and prayed the rosary and just before the Prussian army was about to advance, General Von Schmidt received orders from the Prussian High Command to halt his campaign and withdraw. Ten days later, an armistice was signed between France and Prussia. The miraculous intercession of our Blessed Mother had saved Pontmain. By: W.S.

Our Lady of Lourdes

Date - February 11 - July 16, 1858

Place - Massabielle, southern France

Appeared to - Bernadette Soubirous

Mary appeared in a grotto 18 times to 14 year old Bernadette who lived in Lourdes. Mary was wearing a white veil and a blue girdle, held a rosary, and had a golden rose on each foot.  Mary told Bernadette to pray to God for sinners.  In a later apparition, Mary told Bernadette to inform the priests to come to the grotto in procession and to build a chapel in that place.  Finally, Mary told Bernadette, ¨I am the Immaculate Conception.¨  By: L.R.

Our Lady of Knock

Date - August 21, 1879

Place - Knock, Ireland

Appeared to - 15 witnesses

The Apparition occurred at the gable wall of the local church St John the Baptist. Mary appeared with St Joseph and St John the Evangelist. A lamb stood before a Cross on a plain altar surrounded by angels. The Apparition lasted about two hours. The witnesses describe that the figures were full with a body. The figures did not speak.  Mary wore a white cloak and was deep in prayer. St Joseph was at Mary’s right hand and he was also dressed in white robes. St John was to the left of Mary and he wore a long robe and a mitre and was holding a book. The witnesses stood in the pouring rain for over 2 hours reciting the rosary during the Apparition.  The ground around the figures remained dry despite the rain and wind. It has been documented that many people find cures and favors after visiting the Shrine.    By: S.W.

Our Lady of Beauraing, also known as the Virgin of the Golden Heart  

Date: November 29, 1932 and January 3, 1933

Place: Beauraing, Belgium

Appeared to: Fernande Voisin (15), Andree Degeimbre (14), Gilberte Voisin (13) Albert Voisin (11) and Gilberte Degeimbre (9)

The messages that Mary spoke to the children during the apparitions were brief and simple, yet highlighted profound spiritual issues. Mary told the children that she wanted a chapel to be built on the site so that people could visit it on spiritual pilgrimages. Mary, wearing a white flowing gown and veil held a rosary in her apparitions and the children prayed the rosary in the garden when they arrived and she was not visible.  She told the children to always be good and to pray often. She asked Fernande to sacrifice himself for her. Many healing miracles have occured since the apparitions near the Hawthorne tree in Beauraing.      By: A.B.

Our Lady of Siluva 

Date - Summer, 1608

Place - Siluva, Lithuania

Appeared to - Unnamed children and later the townspeople including the Calvinist minister

Lithuania had become a Calvinist country in the 1530s. A Catholic icon of the Virgin was buried to keep it safe. In 1608, children were tending sheep near the site of a former Catholic Church. The kids heard a woman sobbing. They saw a woman on a large rock wearing a flowing blue and white robe with light brown hair a strange light surrounding her. A child  was with her. The next day a crowd and the Calvinist  pastor gathered by the large rock when she appeared again. The pastor why was she weeping. She said “There was a time when my beloved Son was worshiped by my people on this very spot.  But now they have given this sacred soil over to the plowman and the tiller and to the animals for grazing.” Then she vanished. Later, a blind man remembered the buried image and went to find it. When he came near the site, he regained his sight and found the image. By: B.M.

Our Lady of the Miraculous Medal

Date - July 16  and in November, 1830 

Place - Convent at Châtillon-sur-Seine, France

Appeared to - Sr. Catherine Labouré

On July 16, 1830, in her bedroom Catherine Mary wearing  a dress that was sun-rise white silk with long sleeves. She wore a white veil that went  down to her feet and a bonnet. Mary told her how she should behave with her confessor and many other things. On November 27 she saw the Lady  in the Novitiate Chapel, and was shown images of a medal. The Virgin Mary said “the medal would be a sign of love, a pledge of protection, and a source of grace. For those who would trust in it”. She also said “These rays symbolize the grace I shed upon those who ask for them”. On the reverse it said “O” Mary conceived without sin, pray for us who have recourse to thee."     By: K.S.

Our Lady of Guadalupe

Date - Dec. 9 and 12, 1531

Place - Tepeyac Hill (now near Mexico City)

Appeared to - Juan Diego

Mary appeared to Juan Diego requesting a shrine to be built for her on the place where she appeared (Tepeyac Hill) to him. Juan went to the bishop to ask to have the shrine built. The bishop demanded a sign before he approved the building of such a church. Three days later, Mary reappeared to Juan and told him to pick roses, which were out of season. He put them in his cloak and went back to the bishop. When he opened his cloak to let down the dozens of roses, an image of Mary appeared. There have been many miracles that have happened since, including when that church had a fire, everything burned down except for the cloak. Our Lady of Guadalupe still works miracles today.        By: Q.E.

Our Lady of Benneux - Our Lady of the Poor

Date -  January 15 and March 12, 1933

Place - Benneux, Belgium

Appeared to - Mariette Beco

Mary appeared in the yard of Mariette and she smiled at her. She was wearing a long, white gown with a blue sash, and a see through, white veil.  Mariette’s mother would not let her go out and talk to Mary. Three days later Mary appeared again and told Mariette she was “Our Lady of the Poor.”  Mary appeared 8 times. There was a small spring where Mary appeared.  She asked Mariette to push her hands in the small spring saying the spring was for healing and for all nations. Many miracles have happened at the spring. Many people made fun of Mariette and didn’t believe her.  From 1935-1937 the church looked into the visions of Mary. In 1938 a hospital was built and The Roman Catholic Church approved the title of “Our Lady of the Poor.”  A small chapel stands where the Virgin of the Poor asked it to be built.    By: J.O.

Our Lady of Cuapa

Date - April 15 and May 8, 16, June  8, July 8, and Oct. 13, 1980

Place - Cuapa, Nicaragua

Appeared to - Bernardo Martinez

Bernardo was the sacristan at the chapel in  town. On April 15, Bernardo saw light emitting from the Mary statue. In May, Bernardo had gone fishing when Mary appeared to him. She was wearing a long white dress with her feet on a cloud. She had a cord around her waist and a pale cream color veil with gold embroidery covering her. Bernardo told Mary that people were not praying. She wanted people to pray the rosary every day. Nicaragua had suffered from an earthquake. There were other requests that the people pray. At the final appearance, she told Bernardo that people should pray for peace and also work for peace. They must also accept the suffering of the world. She would always be with him, even when he couldn't see her. She is the Mother of all.       By: N.H.

Our Lady of Laus Refuge of Sinners

 Date: between 1664-1718

 Place: Saint- Etienne-le-Laus, France

 Appeared to: Benoite Rencurel a young shepherdess

 When Benoite was seventeen in 1664 she saw an apparition of Saint Maurice. He told her to move her flock of sheep to the Valley of Klins and she would see the Mother of God. In May, Benoite took her flock to Valley of Klins and in a grotto Mary holding Jesus in her arms appeared to her. May appeared to Benoite for four months and spoke to her. Mary instructed Benoite to go back to Laus and to rebuild a chapel in honor of her Son. "It will be a place of conversion for numerous sinners and I shall appear here often" Mary said to Benoite. Mary also told Benoite that the oil from the sanctuary lamp would work miracles with the infirm if they received the anointing with faith in her intercession. By: AK

Our Lady of Fatima

Date: 6 appearances in 1917, May-October

Place: Fatima Portugal at the Cove of Peace

Appeared to: Lucia dos Santos, and her cousins, Francisco and Jacinta Marto 

Mary wore white. She told them to pray the rosary for world peace and later added for the conversion of Russia. At the July appearance, Mary gave them a vision of hell.  There was much opposition at first but in October, miracle occurred involving the sun appearing to descend to earth. Lucia became a nun but Francisco and Jacinta died within a few years after the apparitions.  Mary told the children 3 secrets. Pope Francis canonized them saints in 2017. By: M.R.

Our Lady of Lezajsk 

Date: In 1578

Place: Lezajsk, Poland

Appeared to: Thomas Michalek

A woodcutter named Thomas Michalek saw a bright light. A lady appeared to him and identified herself as the Blessed Virgin Mary. She asked him to build a church on the site. She said, “Thomas, I chose this place. Here my son will be loved and respected, and whosoever shall call upon my intercession, will receive my blessing“. Thomas was afraid so he did nothing and did not tell anyone. Mary appeared to him again and asked him to tell everyone but he still said nothing. Mary appeared  a third time and scolded him for not following her instructions.  After this, he told the story to other villagers but was afraid to tell the Bishop. He went to the authorities and his parish priest who did not believe him.  He was thrown into prison.  He was later released, and a small chapel was built. In 16063 a new shrine was built and the appearances were verified. Pope Benedict XIV in 1752 approved the image.    By: DM

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