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Baptism is the first sacrament, through which we become Catholics and disciples of Jesus Christ. Children from birth through age 6 receive infant baptism at their respective parish. If your family has not yet registered at the church where you attend Mass, you also need to complete that paperwork.


To schedule a baptism, contact your parish secretary for registration materials. 


Our six parishes offer a joint Baptismal preparation class which must be attended prior to the Baptism. Parents will be given the date of the next class when they register.

Sacred Heart of Jesus

Immaculate Conception 

(414) 769-2480

Saint Augustine of Hippo

Nativity of the Lord

(414) 744-6622

Saint Paul

(414) 489-2806

Saint Veronica

(414) 744-0808

(414) 482-3510

(414) 482-2920

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