The Challenge introduces 8 general habits.

                Labor for the Lord 

                Make Meals Matter

                Make Friends with Saints

                Manage Heavenly Riches

                Observe No-Frills Fridays 

                Simplify Sunday

                Make Amends

                Make Time for God

For more information about Fr. Reesman and the Holy Habits Challenge, click the link.

The Holy Habits Challenge 

Welcome to the Challenge. Developed by Fr. Reesman of the Archdiocese, the goal is to help our parish members and families instill prayer, the virtues and works of mercy into their daily lives.


Each month, the general habit has three concretely defined versions of it that correspond to different degrees of difficulty in the challenge: basic, intermediate, and advanced.  Participants can choose to perform whichever action invites them to stretch their faith life. 


  • Basic Habit: Regularly pray the "Angel of God" prayer.

  • Intermediate Habit: Frequently invoke a Patron Saint for help.

  • Advanced Habit: Pray the "Angelus" prayer daily (or 3x a day).


Monthly there will be new cards. Families with children should print the 

Family Holy Habit Card which contains ideas for parents and children. Single persons or families without children can print the Parish Holy Habit Card.

Attach either to your fridge or place it on the dinner table so that you are reminded daily to strengthen your faith and complete the monthly challenge.



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Director of Youth and Young Adult Ministry

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