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High School Religious Formation 

Grades 9-12

Our goal is to provide the opportunity for young people to seek, know, and become Christ by accompanying you in your faith journey.

Note: Our Confirmation process includes Freshman and Sophomore years. Teens who discern that they are ready for Confirmation celebrate the Sacrament in their Junior Year of High School. If a student begins in Sophomore year, they will be able to celebrate Confirmation as a Senior.


Formation does not end after Confirmation. Newly confirmed high school seniors are always welcome back the following year to act as mentors or to continue learning. 


School Year
Class Information

Class Time:  Sunday evenings from 5:30-7:00pm.

Class Location: Sacred Heart of Jesus Parish office, 3635 S. Kinnickinnic Ave, St. Francis

Textbooks: Chosen series and Connected (both by Ascension Press). 

      Chosen is a faith journey designed to provide teens with the essential intellectual and spiritual catechesis they need to become lifelong disciples of Christ.(p.iv)

      Connected offers Catholic teens in-depth understanding of Catholic Social Teaching

High School Outreach

Christ calls us to love and serve our neighbors. Each student will complete a number of experiences that include communities with whom they interact on a regular basis. Students need a minimum of 6 different experiences.

Reflection on the meaning of our service for ourselves and the community served is integral to the experience. Youth will complete one reflection for each of the three service areas.

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