High School Religious Formation 

Grades 9-12

Formation Classes for Teens will now be on Sunday evenings from 5:30-7:00pm. Each year Teens will have the opportunity to pick the topic of Study for the upcoming year. 2021-2022 vote was for Church History. 


Our goal is to provide the opportunity for young people to seek, know, and become Christ by accompanying you in your faith journey.

Note: Our Confirmation process starts Freshman year of High School. Teens who discern that they are ready for Confirmation will be able to get Confirmed their Junior Year of High School. 

Formation does not end after Confirmation. Newly confirmed and high school seniors are always welcome back to help or to continue learning. 


School Year
Class Information

Class Time: Sunday evenings from 5:30-7:00pm.

Class Location: St. Veronica (Johnson Hall)  

Text Book: Spirit of Truth: The History of the Catholic Church 

Students will explore the history of the Catholic Church beginning with her origins in the beginning of time and institution during the earthly life of Christ, to the period of rapid growth in the apostolic era and the centuries that followed, through the rise and fall of nations, kingdoms, and Empires over the course of two millennia, to the present day. They will come to understand that the Church is Christ’s living Body present and active in the world, proclaiming the Good News of salvation anew to every time and culture, and working to sanctify the human race.

Teacher: Fr. Philip Schumaker & Mrs. Scholz

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