High School Religious Formation 

Grades 9-12

Formation Classes for Teens have been revised. Starting this year we will be offering Life Teen. Life Teen is not an exclusive club and it's not just for Catholic Teens. Life Teen presents a variety of topics that challenge teens and provide them with the support they need. All high school students are welcome to join us!


Our goal is to provide the opportunity for young people to seek, know, and become Christ by accompanying you in your faith journey.

Note: Our Confirmation process starts Freshman year of High School. Teens who discern that they are ready for Confirmation will be able to get Confirmed their Junior Year of High School. 

Formation does not end after Confirmation. Newly confirmed and high school seniors are always welcome at Life Nights or help lead other teens. 


Layout of High School Formation

Freshman Year 

Discipleship year 

- Attend Life Nights each month 

- Attend one Summit meeting 

- Day Retreat 

- Create a Discernment Plan with Core Member 

- Select a Saint  

Sophomore Year

Discernment year 

- Attend Life Nights each month 

- Attend one Summit meeting 

- Day Retreat 

- Get involved in opportunities to help grow in your faith at your parish.

- Select a Sponsor  

Junior Year 

Preparation year 

- Application & Interview 

- Continued involvement in faith opportunities 

- Confirmation Retreat 

- 10 Sessions on the Sacrament of Confirmation

- Letter of Intent to the Bishop

- Receive the Sacrament of Confirmation 

Senior Year 

Leadership year 

- Become a Core Member 

- Lead Small groups

- Help Plan 

- Be a mentor for helping freshman create a discernment plan. 

Class Information

Life Nights 

Life Nights are the start of a teen's adventure as a disciple. Teens gather together to connect with caring teens and adults who discuss life,  listen to a message, and spend time in prayer. Life Nights are held after the 5:00 p.m. Mass once a month on Sundays at Nativity of the Lord Parish Hall and are open to ALL High School Students of any denomination who are interested in learning more about the teachings of the Catholic Church.

Every night is different. Every night is fun. But most importantly every night gives you the opportunity to be in an open, honest atmosphere where people will discuss the truth on REAL issues teens are wondering about today.


Summit is Lectionary-based discipleship small groups that is designed to help teenagers gain a deeper understanding and appreciation for Sacred Scripture and the Holy Mass. Our small group consist of 8 to 10 teens and 2 core team members who meet twice a month via Zoom to pray, discuss scripture, and walk with one another in our faith journey. This small group is a great for teens desiring community and wishing to grow in their love for Jesus Christ and His Church. Summit is only open to teens in grades 9-12. 
Sign-Up for Specific Small Groups Open in August!

Parent Life 

What is Parent Life?

Educating parents on teen culture so that they can be empowered to fearlessly and faithfully guide their teenagers through the modern world.

The Parent Life Website where you will find incredible content to help you through the very challenging and blessed years of raising teenagers. We hope to serve you by giving you access to ideas, tips, and information on a variety of topics that will bless you, your marriage, and your family. Enjoy!

Director of Elementary Formation/RCIA and Adult Confirmation

Karen Bushman 


414-481-0777 X1117


Director of Youth and Young Adult Ministry

 Rebecca Scholz 


414-481-0777 X1135 


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