Family Nights 

Not all education occurs in the classroom. This is especially true of Religious Education. Parents are the first and primary educators of the faith and the family is called the “domestic church”. Through the family, children experience many of God’s attributes such as forgiveness, love, care, mercy, wisdom, and empowerment. By practicing the Catholic faith within the home, parents demonstrate to their children what it means to be a disciple of Christ.


Family Nights are a part of the elementary Religious Education program. Each participating family is given a list of dates and topics during the registration process. They return their top three events and are given one of their choices. At the event, we talk about the subject matter, practice using the Bible and use hands-on learning activities to reinforce the message. Crafts and other activities are offered which vary in difficulty to engage all learners.

Director of Elementary Formation/RCIA and Adult Confirmation - Karen Bushman

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Director of Youth and Young Adult Ministry- Rebecca Scholz

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