Elementary Catechists 

What is a Catechist? 

The Catechist, then, is a Christian who is mindful of God, who is guided by the memory of God in his or her entire life and who is able to awaken that memory in the hearts of others. 

-Pope Francis 

 Faith-filled adults and teens are always invited to share their faith with the children of our parishes. In many classrooms, an adult will lead and another adult or older teen will assist. Working as a team, our catechists and aides encourage the children to develop a deeper knowledge and love for Jesus. No formal teaching experience is required and complete lesson plans enable all volunteers to feel comfortable, even at their first class. Teen Confirmation candidates can complete all of their required service hours by assisting in an elementary classroom.


New catechists and aides are needed each year so that we can keep our class sizes low. Is the Spirit inviting you?

Director of Elementary Formation/RCIA and Adult Confirmation

Karen Bushman 


414-481-0777 X1117


Director of Youth and Young Adult Ministry

 Rebecca Scholz 


414-481-0777 X1135 


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